If you are a person who likes the natural environment, you will look for wild places during your trip to Qatar. To have peace of mind and to get away from the busy world, you must spend some time in the day with nature. If you’re waiting for a place to spend some time outside Qatar, you’ve come to the right place. Visit These 5 Natural Wonders of Qatar.

Do you believe there are places with more unimaginable natural beauty than the desert of Qatar? Let’s see in detail what are the best sites.

1. Purple Island

Dham Island is a famous place in Qatar for its mangrove forests. If you want to see a beautiful sunrise and sunset in Qatar, this is a great place. We can also introduce Purple Island as a beautiful place with biodiversities such as birds, fish, and small crabs. A place where you can spend a day with small children and anyone in the family. Qatar’s Purple Island got its name from the sea snails that produce a dark red dye.

What can be explored in Purple Island?

Purple Island in Qatar is also very famous for fishing and boating activities. If you like to swim, there are facilities at a nearby beach.

For those who want to explore different cuisines, this is a great place to have an adventurous experience.

It is not a flat sand island like other islands in Qatar. Throughout the island, you can see several limestone hills below. Don’t walk around here barefoot. There are a lot of crabs on the ground.

How to get to Purple Island?

If you want to visit the Natural Wonders of Qatar, the purple island, drive north to Al Khor via Shamal Highway and turn right before Al Meera Dhakira. You can park, go straight, and depending on the unpaved road. You can also search for this location on Google Maps.

2. Al Takira Mangroves

You can explore the winding estuary of Al Takira by kayaking. It is a thrilling and awe-inspiring experience going through wide canals. The tour guide who takes you around teaches you a lot about how the area was created and how it affects the ecosystem. It is one of the oldest natural wonders of Qatar’s popular fishing and bird-watching spots.

Why are Al Takira mangroves in particular?

It is a place rich in vegetation.

In this place, you can see many species of mangroves that are gray or white.

This mangrove environment is unique in its combination with the surrounding desert.

How to get to Al Takira Mangroves?

You can easily reach these Natural Wonders of Qatar by a sedan. But going to mangrove beach requires offroad driving. If you still need to sign up for a kayak tour when you get there, take a 4*4. You can quickly check the respective location through google maps.

3. Khor Al Adaid

Among the Natural Wonders of Qatar, the Inland Sea is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Thousands of people visit it every year. Commonly called the Inland Sea by many, it remains a pristine haven of nature. It is a special place to swim, watch the surroundings and touch the fresh seawater. Winter is the best time to visit Khor Al Adaid. Reserve the best day to see these Natural Wonders of Qatar from November to April.

Why is Khor Al Adaid special?

This beautiful place is a nature reserve recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.

Also, Khor Al Adaid is one of three places where sea dunes usually meet. It also has a lagoon system unmatched anywhere else in the world.

It is connected to the Arabian Gulf as a tidal strait by a deep channel about 10 km long.

Among the Natural Wonders of Qatar, this place is covered with rocky ridges and cliffs, high plateaus, and coastal sabkhas. That event has dramatically affected the beauty of this area.

In addition, Khor Al Adaid has a large biome, including coral reefs, mollusks, bottlenose dolphins, and mangrove algae. Many species, like Arabian gazelles, camels, and cormorants, live here. Tourists can also visit some small archaeological and heritage sites here.

How to get to Khor Al Adaid? 

To go for this, you are about an hour away from Khor Al Adaid Masaieed and Sealine Beach. Go here by 4*4 cars. Also, travel with a driver familiar with driving over rolling dunes. Or choose the alliance travel packages below.

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4. Dhal Al Misfir

Another highlight on the Natural Wonders of Qatar list is this unique cave. It is truly a vibrant and attractive destination in Qatar. The cave is about 40 meters long, and the gypsum in the peninsula’s center gives it a radiant glow.

 Visiting this cave is open to all visitors. Innovative technology has established an information banner to benefit the viewing public. A page containing all the information related to the cave has also been created on the Ministry’s website.

There is a need to follow safety procedures when they travel during the day. The researchers have yet to ascertain the exact age of the cave, and they believe its formation time is less than the age of the surrounding Atji rocks. Based on sediments, it is accepted that it was formed between 40 and 50 million years ago.

How to get to Dhal Al Misfir?

For that, you can drive off-road from Salwa Road and Rawdat Road. Also, if going here, go in a 4*4 vehicles.

5. Ras Abrouq rock formation

Among the Natural Wonders of Qatar, one of the most special is the rock formation of these limestone pillars shaped by coastal erosion. Opportunities for you to enjoy are the beaches, the 9th-century Murwab Fort, and Richard Serra’s famous steel sculptures. It has stood out as a great tourist spot since the 21st century.

A large area of its land remains a legally protected area. Also, they are reserved for a nature reserve for wild deer. Ras Abrouq is a cape of the Zekreet Peninsula near the city of Dukhan. 

It is located 70 kilometers west of the capital city of Doha, Qatar. To the right of this place is the village of Zekreet.

Refer to the travel packages to get you to Ras Abrouq.

Frequently asked questions about the Natural Wonders of Qatar.

Q. Why do many tourists choose to visit Qatar?

Qatar has a blend of tradition and modernity that’s hard to find anywhere else in the world. Qatar celebrates its heritage. But for tourists, they provide their best facilities.

Q. What is the best thing for tourists in Qatar?

The best thing about Qatar for tourists is the hospitality. Qatar is ranked 31 out of the other 153 countries on the Global Peace Index. Qatar is the most e  affluent country in the world regarding gross domestic product per capita.

Q. What food is eaten in Qatar?

Qatar’s traditional Arabic cuisine is more refined. Their main meals include Machbus, which consists of rice, meat, and vegetables. Also, foods made from lamb or chicken, seafood, and dates are frequently used among the foods they often get.

Final thoughts

You don’t have to worry about the beautiful places in Qatar any more. Get the exact information you need through our Visit These 5 Natural Wonders of Qatar guide above. We ensure that you will have the best experience in the beautiful country of Qatar.