Qatar’s OFWs are spread across a wide range of fields. How do they deal with their non-duty days? If you want to go to Qatar as an OFW, you may be thinking about how to spend your free time. Qatar offers you a wide range of activities. What OFWs in Qatar Do During Their Day Off? Let’s talk about it.

The day off of an OFWs in Qatar

A weekend in Qatar is a different experience. Their working hours are Sunday to Thursday. 

Saturday is the weekend in Qatar. The total number of working days is five, and every employee gets a weekend off. They choose to spend it in various ways.

Qatar is a country with the most robust Filipino community. They are very spread out in offices and have chosen various ways to spend their holidays. Targeting the majority of OFWs who work in offices, we conducted a survey over several days about how they spend their day off. We presented to us a lot of opposing views as well as similar views. We have selected some of them below for your consideration.

1. Referral to sports

Filipinos love to participate in and watch team sports. Most of them are focused on volleyball and basketball. Several team sports are planned for Qatar’s OFWs to join. Most people attend volleyball tournaments on weekends or days off. Not all of these tournaments are sloppy—games with well-organized referees, uniforms, and fans. Most of them also have contributions from top sports host Sportzone.

2. Shopping

Who doesn’t love shopping in Doha? Many OFWs in Qatar spend five days a week working hard and spending their leisure time shopping. Weekends in Qatar are packed with Souq Waqif. A traditionally rich place, it offers plenty for anyone to explore on foot with the family. It’s a great place to meet extraordinary people, eat delicious food, and shop for interesting items. That’s why many OFWs in Qatar go shopping with their families on weekends for restaurants, hotels, and anything entertaining.

3. Cleaning

The next option is home maintenance when thinking about what OFWs in Qatar do during their day off. In some Filipino families, both husband and wife leave for work on weekdays. Then they only have a little time to stay home and maintain their homes. A week’s worth of office clothes may be piled up; homes may be dirty. 

Many people have resorted to cleaning floors and bathrooms using vacuum cleaners. Many have stated that it clears their minds. It is also a form of exercise that can make the day off meaningful.

4. Spending time with family

According to a survey among OFWs in Qatar, most missed their family because of their duties. Most of them went to parks in Qatar to spend the day and evening with family and even for dinner. Salwa Beach Resort & Villas, MIA Park in Qatar, is one such place. 

It is one of the most beautiful theme parks in the Middle East and an excellent opportunity for adults and children to engage in many activities. In addition, families of Qatari OFWs who spend the day off remember to have a special dinner in the dining halls around the gardens.

If you go to a restaurant, you can also find Filipino restaurants in Qatar. Wendy’s is one restaurant where all the employees and customers are Filipinos. It’s a great holiday opportunity to spend time with fellow Filipinos.

5. Spending time with pets

According to our surveys, most OFWs in Qatar reserve the day off for their pets. They are taken to health centers. Or walks in parks with them. Many OFWs liked to leave home in the morning and freely play with their pets. We could see them organizing things like introducing new friends.

6. Trips with friends

Qatar is a place that offers you many activities. The other thing we saw when searching for What OFWs in Qatar Do During Their Day Off is that many people travel around Qatar. Among them were exploring the hidden village of Film City, enjoying the thrill of Dan Bashin in the Doha desert, spending time at the Doha Corniche, and kayaking in the Al Takira Nature Reserve.

 We could identify them as a group that spends their day off more actively. Some of the tours they organize are nearby. Some are distant. They include spending nights outdoors, camping, cooking, and singing karaoke with friends.

7. Partying with friends 

Many OFWs work five days a week and rarely see friends. Some people spend their day off partying with their friends at home. They take their whole family, gather in one house, and prepare their favorite food. They engage in various games while telling funny stories. They remember to take pictures and sing songs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the working hours in Qatar?

Most public and private sector offices are open from Sunday to Thursday. Their timings, in the case of government offices, are from 6 am to 2 pm. Private companies in Qatar operate from 8 am to 6 pm.

Q. Is Qatar good for OFW?

Qatar is becoming a top destination for OFWs. Qatar has many industries for them. There are already a large number of OFWs spread over Qatar. Many of their restaurants and their accommodation have sprung up in Qatar.

Q. What is the salary of an OFW in Qatar?

According to Philippine government websites, the minimum salary for OFWs in Qatar is QAR 1500 or USD 400.

Final thoughts

OFWs are more prevalent in many large industries in Qatar. In addition to their duty period, there is also a rest period. They engage in many activities during the weekend or day off. We hope you got more information about it through our guide, What OFWs in Qatar Do During Their Day Off.