Qatar is a country where a large number of expatriates work. It is also true that most of Qatar’s population may be foreigners. Because Qatar is a wealthy country with low unemployment. Filipinos also have a significant employment presence in Qatar. We can see many places in Qatar, such as their areas and shops. However, What Do Foreigners Think About Filipinos in Qatar? Let’s talk about it here.

Filipinos are not lazy people. They work hard and dedicate themselves to their work. A preliminary observation of the Filipinos working in offices and industries in Qatar revealed a lot about them. Filipinos are known to be the happiest & families people in the world.

In this article, we have used the results of previous surveys conducted among different people about OFW members worldwide. Accordingly, we could know what foreigners think about Filipinos.

Filipinos are amiable people.

What Foreigners Think About Filipinos in Qatar One of the main findings from our research is that Filipinos are the friendliest. It is the most common answer received from many people. The foreigners in Qatar responded that Filipinos are the nicest people in the world. 

Most of them had Filipino friends. They also said they plan to go to their country because of the friendliness of the Philippines. According to the above survey, we have confirmed that Filipino friends are amiable and work with everyone.

They are more adept at making friends quickly, even in an unfamiliar society. Also, they only think twice about reciprocating when they ask for help. Filipinos do not consider race and caste to make friends. Among the nationalities who said they were friends, there were various nationalities, such as Europe and Asia.

Honorable persons

Filipinos are the most respectful people. They know the value of respect from childhood. They regularly respect elders by holding their hands and placing them on their foreheads. Sometimes their politeness is more than any other race. Every person they meet every day is treated very politely. They tend to think of others in a shop or groups of people.

According to our survey, one Jordanian said he had met many Filipinos, all of whom are respectful of themselves and others and are very polite.

Filipinos are not lazy.

When we ask What Foreigners Think About Filipinos in Qatar, they are more active than those working in offices with Filipinos say. It is a widespread fact that they complete the duties they accept with great dedication and work hard. For this reason, Filipinos have a very high reputation among foreigners. 

As some ex-pats said, Filipinos try to work from a young age and try to take on their family responsibilities.

Some people working with Filipinos find them very competitive. Because the amount of work they did during the day needed to be more significant. One Jordanian said that the commitment of the Filipinos is most impressive and that the offices should have such dedicated people.

Most Filipinos are educated people. Otherwise, many people can quickly adapt to a new job. Many foreigners said they would never be tempted to do anything fraudulent in business. Also, there were Filipinos among the group at the appointed time in the office.

Being a good communicator

According to the survey we conducted about What Foreigners Think About Filipinos in Qatar, we received another standard answer. That means Filipinos have high communication skills. There were times when we talked with the Filipinos to observe it. Accordingly, they listen to others very well and understand their ideas better.

Do not verbally attack and express objections to another’s views. Always respecting the words of another, looking at the face, and talking pleasantly was noticeable. Many Filipinos wait for their turn to speak. Then they express their opinions. Many foreigners think that talking to Filipinos is a very peaceful conversation.

Filipinos are generous.

Another idea we came across during the What Foreigners Think About Filipinos in Qatar survey is that they are generous. Many foreigners said that Filipinos were their friends and were very helpful. They do not think twice about donating anything needed in any situation. 

When there was a celebration or special occasion in a Filipino home, there were times when they would bring food and sweets to their friends in the office. In the office lunch, Filipinos also share their meals with their friends.

Filipinos are very nice.

According to our survey, most ex-pats said of Filipinos overall that they are “very nice people.” When all the above factors are combined, foreigners think Filipinos are good people. However, some said that among those good people, they also know Filipinos who are not good. 

It may be so. Every person in the world is related to another person. We should live knowing that every human has good and bad sides.

Philippine culture

What Foreigners Think About Filipinos in Qatar The other thing we got from the survey is the Filipino culture. We realized that many foreigners have yet to understand Filipino culture. 

Many people think that Filipino culture is very similar to Western culture. The Spanish ruled the Philippines for 400 years.

Because of this, there is indeed some western influence on the Filipinos. However, many foreigners believe that Philippine culture is very complex. Some ex-pats say it took them over a year to understand Filipino culture. However, they say that life in the Philippines is very peaceful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How are the Filipinos in Qatar?

Qatar has a large expatriate population. Among them, the Filipinos are the 5th. In terms of people, it is equivalent to 250,000. That means there is a sizable Filipino contribution to Qatar’s workforce.

Q. Why are there so many Filipinos in Qatar?

Filipinos in Qatar are descendants of immigrants from the Philippines living in Qatar. They are widely spread in industries in Qatar.

Q. How do Filipinos treat foreigners?

Filipinos use different practices to greet their guests. That is, they welcome you to feel at home. Filipinos treat visitors with true friendship.

Final thoughts

Like other countries in the world, the Philippines is a country of diverse people. However, there are many Filipinos among foreigners. Many people spend time together in offices and tourist places. According to foreign opinions, the majority of Filipinos are excellent. They are friendly and easy people to associate with. You will find it clear from our above survey description What Foreigners Think About Filipinos in Qatar.