If you are thinking of starting life with your family, then Qatar is the best choice. Is Qatar suitable for living with family? Yes, indeed, Qatar is a country that is moving towards a new world day by day. If you are going to Qatar with your family, you should know about all its facilities. Such is the case with the cost of living in Qatar. We will give you everything you need about the Cost of Living in Qatar as a Family through the following guide.

Regarding the Cost of Living in Qatar as a Family, we provide you with an analysis of the general costs for everyone. It can include rent, groceries, education, health, and transportation.

Qatar is one of the most expensive countries in the Middle East. Most of the food in Qatar is imported from abroad, so you may have to spend a little more on it. But don’t worry; you can still live in Qatar with your family. It is because your salary is higher in Qatar, and you have no personal tax to pay back.

Living conditions in Qatar with family

The price of goods in Doha is slightly lower than in other countries in the Middle East, such as Dubai, Riyadh and Muscat, Kuwait City. But the cost of living in Qatar can be more heterogeneous depending on the environment you live in and your family’s needs. If you are a family of 4 living in a villa, it can cost around QR 35,000 per month.

If you apply for a job with a housing allowance when you come to Qatar with your family, the situation can be quite different. If you have a housing allowance through the company, you can cut an estimated 30% off your monthly living expenses. 

However, you will get many benefits in Qatar. your life is according to a western lifestyle, and the Cost of Living in Qatar as a Family is the same as in Europe.

Rental costs for housing in Qatar

When you live in Qatar as a family, you can find several types of rental housing. Qatar offers a wide range of accommodations, from simple apartments to luxury villas. Expats often live in luxury apartments, townhouses, or estates. 

A one-bedroom apartment in downtown Doha is generally priced at QR4,000 – QR10,000. Prices may also vary depending on whether the condo you get is furnished or unfurnished. A luxury property in an area with many expats can cost upwards of QR11,000.

Cost of bills in Qatar

The bills are essential in the Cost of Living in Qatar as a Family. The government of Qatar partially subsidized electricity, gas, and water. You can get it at a cheaper rate than you would pay in a European country. 

If you live in Qatar with your family, the monthly cost of housing utilities will be around QR250. But Qatar is a country that is very hot at the appropriate time. If you use air conditioners or other occasions to cool down at home during the summer, the value may be around QR400.

Cost of health in Qatar 

Overall, healthcare in Qatar works differently. Hamad Medical Corporation of Qatar provides free emergency care for registered users through the State Health Care Scheme. But someone who is insured may have to pay QR25 to see the doctor. 

But the best option you can take for that is to get a Hamad Health Card by paying QR100 for a year. Through that, you can visit the primary health center for free.

Most expats in Qatar choose health insurance through their own companies. Also, if you are insured, seeing a doctor at a private hospital costs between QR100 and QR250; in addition, if you seek expert consultation support for an illness, it may cost between QR250 – QR600 as a higher price. 

According to Qatar’s latest laws, expatriates no longer have access to public health services, and employers must provide health insurance coverage to foreign workers.

Cost of food and drink in Qatar

You know that Qatar imports most of its food. Because of this, grocery prices in Qatar can generally be higher than in Europe, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Considering the Cost of Living in Qatar as a Family, set aside 10%, or 20% of your salary, for groceries.

Are you thinking of drinking coffee with your family in Qatar? If you drink a cappuccino in a cafe in Doha, it can cost the same as in Melbourne or London. But it can vary depending on where you drink, and overall you can expect to be priced between QR15 and QR25.

If you are dining with your family at a restaurant in Qatar, you have several options. It can get you anywhere from a unique dining experience. A meal at McDonald’s can cost you around QR25.

Getting three meals for two people at a medium-sized Qatari restaurant can cost up to QR600. It may be the same in your country. Because if you visit restaurants with local food to eat with family, they can be cheaper. But restaurant prices in Western countries are high.

Transportation costs in Qatar

Transportation is the next thing that belongs to the Cost of Living in Qatar as a Family. More people rely on private transport than public transport in Qatar. Traveling by bus as public transport may cost from QR3 – QR10, depending on the distance of your route.

 Regarding private transportation in Qatar, the starting price for a taxi is QR10. You may also incur an additional charge of QR2.50 per kilometer.

Education Costs in Qatar

When living in Qatar as a family, you should focus on your children’s education. Qatar has a more liberal education system that suits your child. But only Qataris are selected for free public education in Qatar.

 You can enroll your child in a private international school as a foreigner. Their primary school tuition can cost between QR25,000 – 50,000 per year. Also, for a high school, the figure can be around QR80,000. Apart from that, you should pay attention to the school’s extra activities, uniforms, and transportation costs.

Qatar has two local universities and local branches of elite international universities. Their tuition fees can be up to QR109,000 for one semester.

Cost of clothing in Qatar

Among the Cost of Living in Qatar as a Family, one of the expenses that you may not consider essential but necessary is clothing. Overall, the cost of clothes in Qatar is relatively low. Depending on government policies, there are different bargains for buying shoes and clothes in Qatar. 

Here it would be best if you were careful about designer brands. Clothing and accessories from other designers can sometimes be more expensive than in Europe as import taxes may be included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much salary is enough to live in Qatar?

According to survey reports, a salary of QR15,700 is enough to live everyday life in Qatar.

Q. Is Qatar an excellent place to live with family?

Qatar is an ideal country to live in for expats moving with family. Qatar’s opportunities suit all ages, including adults and children. In addition, Qatar is one of the most peaceful countries in the world.

Q. What is the monthly cost for a family in Qatar?

The estimated monthly expenses for a family of 4 without rent is $3,099—maybe about 7.

Q. Can I bring my family to Qatar?

You can bring family members to Qatar on a short-term basis for up to 6 months. Apply for a Family Visit visa for that.

Final thoughts

Living in Qatar can be a dream for many people. Living in Qatar with family can be challenging at times. The cost of Living in Qatar as a Family is a question that many people think about. Our guide above will show you the way.