As you all know, the pandemic has hit the tourism industry hard. The travel ban and closed borders significantly affected the aviation sector. However, it is incredible that Qatar Airways has stood up despite all the challenges. What is Qatar Airways Doing in Light of the Pandemic?

COVID-19 has directly impacted people and services across the globe in various ways. The airline industry was one of the industries that suffered the most collapse during a period when the travel environment was more constrained. However, Qatar Airways provided outstanding service regardless.

How Qatar Airways performed during the pandemic

Ensuring passenger safety

It is extraordinary that Qatar Airways is the first airline in the world to prepare for COVID-19 protocols. It is the responsibility of Qatar Airways to ensure the safety of passengers from the time they board the aircraft to the end of the journey. They followed strict measures for that. When you enter Hamad International Airport, social distancing, and intensive cleaning operations are in place.

In addition, they took steps to clean the touch points of every passenger immediately. All the gates and counters are thoroughly disinfected after the flights are finished separately. For that, HIA has used UV-C disinfection robot technology. They are fully automated mobile devices that reduce the spread of pathogens among passengers. In addition, all subways are UV disinfected for the hygiene of passengers’ luggage.

All passengers receive an additional safety kit at Qatar Airways, including a single-use face mask and disposable powder-free gloves. They have allowed the consumption of everything, including the headsets used by the passengers and the interior fabric of the airline, under strict hygiene. Qatar Airways also has an air filtration system equipped with HEPA filters. Through it, 99.97% of viral and bacterial pollutants are removed through circulating air.

Investing in customer service security

Customer service safety must also be addressed when discussing What Qatar Airways is Doing in Light of the Pandemic. They took many safety measures on the plane for their complete dining experience and comfortable service. Qatar Airways’ Dine-On-Demand service in Business Class offers a fully covered food and beverage platter. It is also compliant with the security seal system in economy class. In addition, Hamad International Airport offers more delicious vegan dishes and limited edition menus at the Al Mourjan Lounge and onboard flights.

Airline cargo

Air cargo should also be mentioned among the several safety measures Qatar Airways has taken during the pandemic. There are times when travelers make breaks in their flight plans. Then cargo and various shipments are the responsibility of airlines. Qatar Airways was also awarded International Cargo Airline of the 2020 Year at the STAT Trade Times Awards.

Qatar Airways tripled its cargo flights from 60 to 180 – 200 in 3 days, aiming to support the global supply chain. Also, Qatar Airways has transported more than 250,000 tons of medical and aid supplies to scheduled services globally under various sponsorships.

Protection from environmental influences

We know that there were environmental impacts during the most severe epidemics. Qatar Airways was able to launch security measures for that too. The focus is on flying cargo to take people back home. 

Also, even though the pandemic is over, Qatar Airways is still paying attention to the environmental impact. They grounded the giant Airbus A380s because they were not fit to operate the larger passenger planes of the time. Carbon emissions were significantly reduced through that.

In addition, Qatar Airways launched a new program for passengers to offset carbon emissions through ticket bookings to increase environmental awareness. Did you know Qatar Airways is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2050?

Qatar Airways Group CEO Akbar Al Baker highlights the general measures Qatar Airways has taken in response to the pandemic.

by that time,

  • Working hard to bring people back to their families
  • As we mentioned above, developing strong hygiene practices in the airways
  • Ensuring that passengers and the company’s workforce are healthy in health conditions
  • Collaborating with local and national governments to defeat the pandemic virus
  • Working together with many other organizations for one purpose

Other changes at Qatar Airways during the pandemic

Scheduling for flights

Qatar Airways has also changed its flight booking schedules as the spread of COVID-19 hits hard. They are for that.

  • Temporarily suspending flights to countries affected by the epidemic
  • Adhering to travel restrictions and accepting them properly
  • Ensuring that flights are not resumed until conditions return to normal

They have also ensured security for the passengers who have reserved tickets through many separate options.

Some people had already booked tickets due to the COVID-19 pandemic but could not use them due to the health crisis. Qatar Airways gave them three choices. that is,

  • Passengers can change the date of travel free of charge
  • Passengers can convert the purchased ticket into a travel voucher. They gave the travel voucher a validity period of one year.
  • Passengers can get their money back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the challenges Qatar Airways is currently facing?

Currently, Qatar Airways, like other airlines, faces many challenges, including infrastructure challenges, competition challenges, currency fluctuations, and terrorist threats.

Q. Do we need to be vaccinated to fly Qatar Airways?

Both vaccinated, and unvaccinated travelers can travel to Ragena on all flights. But check the complete checklist about the latest vaccination travel frame requirements before booking the flight based on the passenger’s vaccination status.

Q. Is Qatar Airways 7-star?

Qatar Airways has been certified as a 5-star airline for airport quality, interior products, and crew services.

Final thoughts

Air travel was imperative during the pandemic. Besides, aviation was among the most disrupted services. But considering What Qatar Airways is Doing in Light of the Pandemic, Qatar Airways has made a big commitment. It is noteworthy that they continue to operate.