Pandemic times are tough and different times for everyone. Countries around the world followed strict quarantine rules. Physical distancing and even wearing masks were a huge difference for all of us. Covid-19 has affected a considerable change in all of us, from behavior to even interaction. However, What is the new normal for OFWs in Qatar?

Filipinos in Qatar

About 260,000 Filipinos live in Qatar as immigrants or originally from the Philippines. Filipinos in Qatar are widely spread from small industries to more extensive fields. Five years ago, Filipinos were Qatar’s largest group of foreign workers. Qatar is also the largest destination for expatriate Filipino workers in the Middle East after the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

During that time, there was a lot of talk about the new life change for Filipino workers working in Qatar. How has the global health crisis affected the lives of office workers, not just theirs? Here we tell you about you and our latest everyday life.

Ready to go to the workplace

Extreme caution was always number one during the pandemic. Accordingly, the everyday life spent by any employee, including an OFW who leaves for work in the morning, is different from usual. 

The morning routine was not the same as in the new normal, where they dressed before going to work and then wore gloves and face masks. They always kept their hands clean and disinfected shoes, bags, and everything that could contain the virus.

Most of the people around the house and most of the people who met on the way were not required to wear gloves, but it was mandatory to wear face masks. During that time, the mouthpiece functioned as a regular part of the human body. However, many Qatar workers, including OFWs, can only enter establishments with masks or gloves.

Going to the workplace

It is a well-known fact that there is quite a bit of morning traffic on major roads in Qatar. However, it is extraordinary that the traffic is eliminated during the epidemic, and you can drive freely for long distances on wonderfully prepared roads. 

At times, there were only a few vehicles on Qatar’s roads. People largely abandoned the use of public transport during that time. Or the people who use public transport are very few. The pandemic changed people’s lives dramatically.

In the office

When discussing New Normal is Like for OFWs in Qatar, the following scenario is office work duties—daily people chat, holding meetings, interacting with customers, etc. But the plague changed people’s everyday lives. Most OFWs in Qatar worked in an office with their own desk during that time.

The office room is prepared with sanitary materials and measures to protect against the virus. There was no hanging out with other colleagues in the office as usual. Most office workers worked from home during the pandemic, and very few came to the office.

The other issue was that they immediately applied disinfectant to their hands when they removed the gloves before starting work in the office. Then they wiped the smartphone and everything they took outside the office with alcohol and tissue paper.

Meal break

The next part of office life for OFWs in Qatar is the lunch break. It was indeed a different time than usual. Sometimes the plague can be psychologically distressing.

In the earlier days, during the daytime, the friends all got together and talked, shared food, and spent the lunch break. But during this time, everyone ate their food safely alone. However, there is no doubt that sometimes it brings a lot of mental pressure along with the busyness of people.

Leaving the workplace

When talking about What the New Normal is Like for OFWs in Qatar, the end of a working day is going back home. People did not hang out during the strict quarantine rules during the epidemic. The offices were closed. Little by little, people got used to that time, and after the reopening of the shops, their life was different.

On those days in the evening, there was no traffic from people and vehicles on the roads of Qatar. When going home in the evening, it was also seen that there were few people in the shops. Even in public transport like trains, there were no crowds, and the people there ensured their safety from place to place.

Coming home

The first thing an OFW returns home is to wash his hands. They sterilized the bags and shoes that he had brought. They washed their clothes and body well and entered the house. Their aim at that time was to eliminate the possible insecurity in the place. After proper hygiene, they started the rest of the work in the house as usual.

When discussing New Normal is Like for OFWs in Qatar, we must consider several things beyond this. The Philippine government has hailed overseas Filipino workers as the “new heroes”. It is not ideal that many OFWs leave their families and go to other countries to work. 

They face many significant challenges

Getting used to a new life after the 2-year epidemic, getting rid of the different life, and starting daily life again is a big challenge experienced by OFWs. Recent surveys show companies have focused on providing financial, domestic, or workplace support.

A large number of OFWs suffered from unemployment after the pandemic. The families of overseas Filipino workers were severely affected. Accordingly, PhilHealth, SSS, and OWWA have focused on strengthening OFW’s safety, welfare, and benefits.

Final thoughts

Many foreign workers, including Qatar, faced difficulties with the Covid 19 pandemic. But they slowly got used to a different life with it. It has resulted in many changes in home and office life areas. We tried to provide a detailed report about what the New Normal is Like for OFWs in Qatar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are there so many OFWs in Qatar?

Qatar has more job opportunities and higher wages than Western countries. 

And the other reason is the country’s lack of personal income tax. An OFW can earn a higher net income in Qatar than in the Philippines.

Q. What is the salary of an OFW in Qatar?

The minimum salary for an OFW in Qatar is QAR 1,500 or the equivalent of USD 400.

Q. Is Qatar good for OFWs?

Qatar is becoming a top destination for OFWs in the Middle East. There are many great benefits for OFWs, such as Qatar culture, job opportunities, and salary. It provides a suitable environment for them to live in Qatar.