You may need to transfer to another service while working in Qatar. But you must know the relevant criteria for that. You may be waiting for a new job. Even such a person has many things to consider. What Do You Need To Know When Changing Jobs in Qatar? From now on, we will look at the points you should consider.

Be aware of the conditions.

Changing Jobs in Qatar has a set of different conditions. Significantly expats can change jobs in Qatar. The opportunity can be easily availed if they qualify for the relevant requirements. Those conditions are,

  • Employees must have worked under an open-ended, indefinite contract with their current employer for five years.
  • Expiration of the foreigner’s warranty in any case

Ask the employer for permission.

If you want to change Jobs in Qatar with a fixed contract period, you can get permission from the employee’s employer. That is, they should not have met the conditions we mentioned above. That is, they can request permission only if they have five years of service and the contract period has not expired.

You can send a written notice for that. According to the law, an employee must give a handwritten note to the employer when changing jobs in Qatar. The employer will then issue a no-objection certificate to the foreigner. That way, he can easily change Jobs in Qatar. However, this certificate is optional if they fulfill the above conditions.

Stay in the country to switch to another job.

If you meet the above requirements in Changing Jobs in Qatar, you can stay in the country for three months for a new job. For that, you need to inform MADLSA about your plans. Then, you need to go back to MADLSA to submit your latest employment certificate. Or, they ask you to leave the country within a week because your residence permit will expire.

The new procedure for Changing Jobs in Qatar

In July 2022, the Ministry of Labor introduced a new procedure for changing jobs in Qatar. The related steps are below.

Application of the employee through E mode: The concerned employee should download the change of employer form separately from the website of the Ministry of Labor and then print it. He should fill out the form and sign it. Then upload a copy of your signed form through the Ministry’s e-portal using his Qatari ID number and mobile phone number.

Note the EC Number: After you apply, the Employer Change Number will appear on the screen.

Application Form Processing: Your application form is now being processed through the Department of the Ministry of Labour. In case of ineligibility, the Ministry will reject your application. They will also ask for more information about the incomplete application. You can get that information through the ML website.

Receipt of Ministry’s Message: The Ministry sends an SMS message to the employee, his old employer, and the new employer after completing the application form. The message also contains a notification period.

Electronic contract: After the notice period, the new employer prepares their multilingual employment contract through the MoL digital verification system. After signing the contract, uploading is completed, and the new employer gives a copy to the employee. The new employer should apply for a new QID through the Ministry of Home Affairs website. 

Employee Commencement of New Job: After receiving the above QID, they can start duties in the new job.

Deadline for Changing Jobs in Qatar

If a foreigner has completed the contract period and has a new employment contract and visa, they can return immediately. Also, if your residence permit is revoked without an employment contract, you must leave Qatar within one week.

Other Conditions You Need To Know When Changing Jobs in Qatar

The new employer must have gender, nationality, and occupation approval. Only a company willing to employ an Indian male employee can hire an Indian male employee considering joining a company other than your current employer.

Frequently Asked Questions About You Need To Know When Changing Jobs in Qatar

Can the employer fire me without notice?

Where an employer terminates his contract without observing the relevant notice period, he shall provide workers’ compensation equal to the employee’s basic salary for the appropriate notice period.

What is the period of advance notice to employers before the change?

The applicable notice period is one month if you have worked with the manager for two years or less. Also, if the employee has worked with the employer for more than two years, the relevant notice period is two months.

Can I change jobs in Qatar without NOC?

Yes, you can. All employees can change jobs in Qatar without a NOC during their contract period.

Is it easy to switch jobs in Qatar?

All workers in Qatar can change jobs, even without objection certificates. Also, concerned workers should keep a record of the EC number.

How many times can you change jobs in Qatar?

According to the latest labor laws, all workers in Qatar have the right to change jobs at any time, regardless of whether they are on fixed-term or open-ended contracts.

Can I change jobs in Qatar within three months?

All workers in Qatar have the option to change jobs again during their contract period. 

Can you start a different job after leaving Qatar?

You can only return to Qatar for work for at least one year if you leave Qatar and do not give any notice or if you have completed your relevant period.

You can contact several parties to get more information about changing jobs in Qatar. You can contact the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor, and Social Affairs through email at [email protected].


About two years ago, in 2020, many new laws were reformed by the Qatari administration. Accordingly, they have presented new procedures and conditions for a job transfer in Qatar. In many cases, workers considering changing jobs in Qatar need help knowing the details. It will be easy for you through our What You Need To Know When Changing Jobs in Qatar report above.