If you are a Filipino working in Qatar, you must bring Pasalubong when you return to your home country. Your family will be waiting for you to obtain delicious food from the Gulf country. There are several great souvenirs that you can get if you are thinking of returning home from Qatar. There are also many places in Qatar where they are available. We have listed a list of them below. Let’s see where to buy pasalubong in Qatar.

Qatar is famous for its most attractive souvenirs and delicious food. It may also be your dream to make your family and friends feel the experience you have had in Qatar. There’s no better time to bring your family to the food you experience daily in Qatar. We identify such places.

Al Shaheen Market

In Qatar, you can visit one of the most famous furniture stores in the Buy Pasalubong locations. Be it furniture, gifts, toys, kitchen essentials, or many other souvenirs—the best choice for Pasalubong in Qatar is at a very affordable price for you. There are many choices suitable for Pasalubong at the most reasonable prices.

Al Shaheen Market is located on Al Matar Street.

The gift shop

The gift shed is the place to go if you choose Pasalubong, regardless of your budget. Salalah’s most beautiful gift shop provides the best opportunity to show appreciation. To find the perfect gift for anyone in the family under one roof, visit Gift Shed in Qatar. They will guide you even if you need help deciding what to give.

City Center Mall

It’s one of the oldest malls in Doha. It is at the top of the Buy Pasalubong list in Qatar because you can buy various merchandise. Indeed, this looks like something other than a brand-new mall to anyone. But they have given you a choice of many brand new products. If you want to buy chocolates in Qatar at the lowest price, go to the outlet in City Center Mall.

 If you send chocolates among Pasalubong to your family in the Philippines, they will surely love it. You also have the chance to get many chocolates because of the lower prices. You can also get other types of sweets, clothes, equipment, etc., at a meager price here.

Souq Waqif

When thinking about Where to Buy Pasalubong in Qatar, how can you forget the fantastic shopping street in Qatar? Get anything you need, from souvenirs to authentic items that showcase Qatari culture at low prices. Go to the Souq to easily pick anything from abayas, dates, spices, sweets, and wooden boxes. 

The family will surely be amazed by the Pasalubong that you collect and prepare and send several choices. Please come with a budget and list when you visit Souq Waqif. Otherwise, your entire salary in Qatar will be spent on gifts. They offer you so many choices.

Iranian sweets and nuts

If you are looking for Place to Buy Pasalubong in Qatar on Najma Street in Doha, go to Iranian Sweets and Nuts. It offers you groceries, other gift items, chips, and sweets of all kinds and spreadsheets for many countries, including the Philippines. It is a great place to buy fresh chocolate and nuts by the kilo. Come to this place to purchase bulk candies and chocolates you can ship home in the Philippines.

What to Buy for Pasalubong in Qatar

Arabic sweets

Qatar has the broadest range of top-quality Arabic sweets; you can buy the best desserts and sweets in the Middle East in shopping malls, cafes, and souks.

Arabic sweets

Try anything like natural honey, local dates, chocolate-covered dates, or dates rolled with Arabica coffee. If you think of sweets when you think of Where to Buy Pasalubong in Qatar, you can try Al Aker Sweets.


Who doesn’t love to smell the traditional Oud of Qatar? If you’re thinking of packing perfume for Pasalubong, Qatar is a place that offers you the rarest of choices. You can buy a bottle of Oud-based perfume, mainly burning wood chips and body oil. As mentioned above, you can find a place selling Ajmal perfumes in Qatar’s Souq Waqif. Apart from that, there is also a good demand for perfumes in the city center.

Decorative wooden boxes

One of the best Pasalubong you can buy during a trip to Qatar is the decorative wooden boxes. It is also straightforward to carry in your luggage.

Wooden gift boxes

It is also very convenient to store jewelry and other small trinkets. You can get beautiful Qatar wooden boxes in various shapes. Where can I buy wooden boxes in Qatar? You can get the best decorative wooden boxes at Souq Waqif, City Center Doha, Royal Plaza.

Pashmina, shawl

Take a shawl and scarf in Qatar if you take Pasalubong to a girl. Give warm and delicate clothes woven from Siamese cashmere wool to your family when you travel or as a perfect winter gift. They can be helpful enough for a fancy dress or a beach cover. Pashmina available in Qatar is cheaper than others. It comes in various colors and patterns, so you have many options. Where to get Pashmina in Qatar? You can find cheaper ones at Souq Waqif.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which product is Qatar famous for?

Qatar is known for its wide range of high-quality Arabic sweets, and you can sample several desserts and sweets unique to Qatar and the Middle East.

Q. Is Qatar good for shopping?

Doha is a dream destination for shopping. It brings you sweet shopping, traditional markets, entertainment options, and many more.

Q. Is it profitable to get taxes in Qatar?

It’s no secret that shopping malls in Qatar are expensive. But the prices in Qatar are comparatively lower than other Middle Eastern countries, including the United Arab Emirates.

Final thoughts

Whether you are a Filipino working in Qatar or anyone else, taking home gifts can be custom. There are many shops in Qatar where you can easily buy any suitable gift for your family. Qatar also has a wide selection of skills that can be purchased as Pasalubong. You don’t have to worry about Where to Buy Pasalubong in Qatar. Our guide is sure to guide you.