Qatar has been going through a global economic transition for several years. Qatar’s economy is growing daily with significant infrastructure developments, tourism, and other special occasions. Although Qatar is a Gulf region country that has depended its economy on oil and natural gas reserves for so long, today, it is entirely different. Accordingly, these countries are striving for a carbon-free era in a new era. The 5 Reasons Why Qatar is Great at Scientific Research guide takes you to a different aspect of Qatar.  

Qatar is currently investing heavily in education and research. They are trying to build a knowledge economy in their country and the gradually developing world.

 According to recent research reports, Qatar has become the most attractive research destination in the world among 77 countries. One of the main reasons for this unique experimental ability in Qatar is the coming to power of a progressive government in 1995.

However, what is the main reason Qatar has become such a great place for scientific research worldwide? Why are so many researchers coming to Qatar?

1. Qatar is a country with an attractive location and culture 

You know that Qatar is a country that provides job opportunities for foreigners and locals in a big way. Accordingly, more than 80% of the total population in Qatar are foreigners. There are several other reasons for that. Qatar has a level of cultural background that is considered safer for expats. Qatar has a special place among the peaceful countries of the world.

Qatar’s central location is also unique and perfectly positioned for a complete global tour. That is, it is straightforward to access Qatar and travel between the countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa. It is for this reason that researchers flock to Qatar in large numbers. It mainly affects the fact that Qatar is Great at Scientific Research.

2. More investment in Qatar for research

You know that according to research reports, Qatar is one of the upscale countries in the world. This country has a higher growth in the domestic production of raw materials. To research, they invest more than 2.85% of the income from the oil & gas industry, Qatar’s primary income source. 

As these investments increase, it is more likely that global researchers will flow to Qatar. They focus more on building research so those investments will benefit the region and the international level.

3. Qatar has a more collaborative research model

Steps are underway to encourage international collaboration for research in Qatar. Accordingly, they offer the equivalent of a National Priority Research Program worth over $800,000. Almost 35% of that value is for expenses outside Qatar.

 All remaining funds will go to a local partner organization. Through this, cooperation through public-private partnerships is encouraged. Qatar quickly became Great at Scientific Research in such a unique collaboration model.

4. Doha, Qatar, is a fast-growing knowledge city

Doha is a country that stands out among the countries with advanced economic development that emerged recently. An educated and highly skilled workforce is spread domestically and abroad across Qatar. For those reasons, Qatar is a rapidly developing knowledge city.

Qatar’s Education City is located near Doha. Through it, some institutions host educational facilities from the school level to the research level and international university campuses. Research exchange and relationships with university businesses and institutions are mostly done through that. It is not unusual that Qatar is Great at Scientific in such an environment where knowledge is expanded.

5. State-of-the-art facilities and institutions available in Qatar

A more favorable environment for research has now been created in Qatar. The infrastructure aligned with Qatar’s national vision has mainly been developed based on government investment.

Qatar Foundation

Qatar Foundation is more memorable as an institution created in Qatar for education, science, and community development. Its primary responsibilities are supporting the country’s scientific research by providing financial support and managing organizations for scientific research. 

Qatar Foundation has organized several colleges and educational institutes targeting education. And in the long term, scientific research will be conducted more effectively among them.

Qatar Science and Technology Park 

QSTP is an organization that primarily focuses on the four sectors of Health, Information Communication Technology, Energy, and Environment. Besides, there are programs for pre-registration of ideas and innovations. 

A significant research initiation program is being implemented here. Through that, an excellent service is provided to researchers to get support from entrepreneurs. Through this, technology-based products and services will be developed. Then the products and services are commercialized.

Qatar Biomedical Research Institute

Qatar Foundation Research and Development Institute operates this institute. There are mainly three research centers here. 

These are the Diabetes Center, the Neurological Disorders Center, and the Cancer Research Center. In addition, there is a program for interdisciplinary research.

Qatar National Research Fund

QNRF is an organization that promotes scientific research competition in physical and biological sciences, technology and social sciences, and engineering. Researchers and research groups in the country submit proposals through which they can get project funding in their fields.

The Qatar National Research Fund supports research-based people if you are considering pursuing a degree. Through GSRA, they help students to complete their Ph.D. with financial support through approved educational institutions, domestically or abroad.

Computer Research Institute of Qatar

It is another research institute in Qatar operating through Hamad Bin Khalifa University. It is mainly focused on Qatar’s designation as Great at Scientific Research. In other words, they are paying close attention to the progress made in computer research in Qatar.

QCRI conducts computational research relevant to the broader Arab region and global interests in Qatar. It has focused on various areas like Arabic language technology, data analysis, and cyber security. Among them, the organizational purpose is to carry out new research suitable for the future. 

Conducting research at Qatar Computer Research Institute is always aligned with the Qatar National Research Strategy. In addition, it is noteworthy that Qatar is a significant supporter of the strategic priorities mentioned in the National Vision 2030.

Several parties contribute to bringing Qatar is Great at Scientific Research through Qatar Computer Research Institute. by time,

Industry in Qatar requires advanced applied research solutions before commercial availability

The Government of Qatar needs solutions that meet the evolving needs of the people of Qatar

Those key stakeholders are paying particular attention to Qatar’s prospects for developing cutting-edge applied computing research. 

Final thoughts

The Government of Qatar has excelled in conducting scientific research to achieve Qatar’s National Vision 2030. Human, economic, environmental, and social development benefits from excellent scientific research in Qatar. There are several obvious reasons why Qatar is Great at Scientific Research. Among them, a comprehensive analysis of the prominent causes and institutions is mentioned in our guide.