Among the things that you must know about Qatar, Falconry is crucial. This article will explain Why Qatar loves Falconry and more things.

History and Qatar’s Place In It

The Falconry is a sport that was popular in Iran a few thousand years ago and then spread worldwide. Being one of the steady countries in the same region, Qatar got the attributes along with the Falconry through the Bedouin tribes who train these raptors for hunting purposes.

Although it has passed more than 5000 years since its invention, the Falconer has not changed in Qatar.

The nation considers the bird their national bird. Also, that is why Qatar loves Falconry.

How to do Falconry

Simply a well-trained natural hunter, a falcon will be used to hunt down the animals. The training of the bird, its strategies for hunting, and several aspects will be evaluated through the sport. In the past, only kings played this game. Along with time, several more things have changed, and Falconry has become a part of their day-to-day life. Qataris love adventures, and that is why Qatar does Falconry at represent..

The hybridization has been applied to Falcons in recent times as the money flow came to the process was relatively high. The birds we see in the Falconry are hybrid species that have been genetically modified using the mix of a Gray falcon and a Saker falcon. They have acquired higher speed, accuracy, and intelligence thanks to technology.

Why Qatar loves Falconry

The Falconry is not easy but still allowed in Qatar.

It is essential to have at least 04 years plus of experience to be a falconer in the USA. The particular person must be aware of the husbandry, history, laws, and medical issues as confirmed facts. But, as a tourist in Qatar, you can get rid of almost every trouble as you can be a startup quickly. All you have to do is to buy or hire a trained bird from a professional Falconer. He will have completed the training for you and acquired the certificates and other needs for you.

What you will do in Falconry Is not to become a pro but just enjoy a bit of the ancient game. That is Why Qatar loves Falconry a swell.

How do the falconers get their birds?

In the past, they used to go on hunting and capture birds. That made the Falconry much more challenging as well. But, now the falconers have their breeding facilities, and they have increased their number. Also, along with their improved technology, they get hybrid species that can provide better performance in sporting events.

Is it a necessity to use hoods for the birds?

The use of hoods is a necessity for the birds. They need to be made calm and kept away from their aggressive behavior. The owners use a hood to prevent getting visuals to them, and that trick works. That is not a restricted matter in Qatar, and you can follow the same trick to calm your raptor pretty easily. Although human rights organizations see it as an abusive way to treat the animals, it is not; The falconers use various materials to create the hoods, such as leather.

Is it forbidden to play Falconry in Qatar?

Of course not. As a traveler or a tourist who has just visited Qatar, you are free to play Falconry. However, it is not recommended to buy a falcon from the raptor sellers as the quarantine clearance in your respective country may be a problem.

How can I take the Falcon I bought into my country?

Animal quarantine is a major necessity for every nation. If you can fill out and fulfill the quarantine needs, you will be able to take the purchased bird into your country.

The price of a Falcon bird in Qatar

The price of the falcons may vary in a range. Usually, you will have to pay between QAR100,000 and QAR400,000. The main reason for having an elevated price is the species of Falcons. The Gyrfalcon is one of the largest falcon species in the world, and they can do better than others. More importantly, that is why Qatar loves Falconry.

If you are a fan of Falconry, you will feel about paying Gyrfalcon QAR1, 000,000 from a well-grown bird.

Will I be able to do Falconry in 2022?

Of course, you will be able to do that. As a way to improve the quality of your tour into Qatar, you will be abet o do. Having some Instagram clicks “a falcon on your and” will be the best way to show the world what you have done.

Security is one of the main concerns.

Although you may know Why Qatar loves Falconry, you still don’t know about birds and their behaviors. That makes you vulnerable in many ways, and you must have security measures. The very first thing regarding Falconry is to have a leather glove. The gloves will act as a suitable perching surface while they ensure the safety form their sharp talons.

The identification of the bird’s needs is also a necessity when ensuring security. You may directly keep the Falconer by your side when handling the bird. When the falcon is stressed, it tends to be aggressive, and you don’t need to have such moments. If the raptor is relaxed, they will stand on one leg and puff up their feathers. It means you are free to handle them.

How much will it be for leather gloves used for Falconry?

You can purchase a glove used for Falconry for $20 onwards on Amazon. But, when coming to a leather glove made of leather, you will have options ranging from $40 to $200 in the market. If you are a budget traveler in Qatar, you will be able to hire one from the Falconers.

Conclusion: Why Qatar loves Falconry

This article has explained everything about Why Qatar loves Falconry and how to do that as a traveler. If you are new to Doha or Qatar, all you have to do is to ask your Hotel guide regarding that matter. They will have plenty of options for you. Although the Falconry is allowed in Qatar, the purchasing will have to be done according to the regulations raised by the Qatar authorities. The tagging and other illegal procedures need to be cleared when you are taking a bird through the entry points. Therefore it is recommended to be just a fan of Falconry but not an owner.